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Unleash the secret ingredient of artisan bakers and baristas with our Barista/Baker's Honey—your new pantry essential for that golden touch in every creation. This is not your average honey; it's a thick, wildflower nectar, unfiltered to preserve the robust, hearty flavors that make your recipes sing.

Crafted with the culinary artist in mind, we let our bees take their time, ensuring the honey is imbued with the complex flavors of the hive's surroundings. Then, with a little help from the sun, we gently warm the honey in a solar melter, coaxing it from the comb without losing a drop of its natural goodness.

Our Barista/Baker's Honey is a treasure trove of health, brimming with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that make unfiltered honey a superfood. Whether you're drizzling it into a spicy barbecue sauce, sweetening a whole wheat loaf, or adding a dollop to a steamy latte, this honey elevates your dishes with a depth of flavor that's simply unmatched.

Bee Fact: Sun-cooked to perfection, our honey adds a rich, caramelized undertone to your baked goods and savory dishes alike, making it a versatile champion in both sweet and savory realms.

Suggested Use: Let your culinary imagination run wild with our Barista/Baker's Honey. Perfect for glazing meats, sweetening pastries, or creating that buzz-worthy latte, it's the all-natural sweetener that's as good in a marinade as it is in a mousse.


100% Raw Unfiltered Honey


Why has my honey turned solid?

Honey crystallizes because it's a natural and pure product. The process is due to the natural sugars in honey, primarily glucose, forming crystals. It's influenced by the type of nectar collected, temperature, and storage conditions. Crystallization doesn't mean your honey is spoiled—in fact, it's a sign of high quality. You can easily return it to liquid form with gentle warming.

How long does your honey last?

Each jar of our honey comes with a "best by" date on the label near the UPC for your convenience. However, it's fascinating to note that honey is a natural marvel with an indefinite shelf life when stored properly. So, rest assured, your honey is always ready to sweeten your day, no matter the date.

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For the safety of all our customers, we do not accept returns on honey products. If an item is damaged during shipment, please get in touch with us for assistance.

Customer Reviews

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Teresa J.
Sweet as Honey

Excellent product . I really enjoy the variety of flavors . The small jars make great gifts .


The entire transaction was excellent. Very delicious High quality product.


Very happy with the entire transaction. Quick delivery and very high quality honey. Delicious

Wonderful smell and taste

Just what I wanted.


My Daughter purchased this item but never used it until her Aunt came down with a terrible cough. This worked! I'm a visitor from the Big Island of Hawaii and I too purchased a replacement bottle for her and had to use it before I left. Totally a believer in this product. Soothing and relieved my cough. Mahalo for creating this.

Mahalo for sharing your wonderful experience with our Horsemint honey! We're so glad to hear it provided relief and comfort for your family. It's stories like yours that inspire us to continue our dedication to creating natural, soothing products. We're grateful for your support and belief in our honey. Wishing you and your family continued health and wellness!