Bee Speak: Niki Canotas' Buzzworthy Talks & Appearances

Meet Michael Ryan and Niki Canotas, the dynamic force behind Mike & Niki's Honey Company. Nestled in Campbell, the heart of Silicon Valley's former orchard lands, they are custodians of a sweet legacy, managing the last standing farms in the echo of the Valley of Heart's Delight. With over 30 apiaries, they have transformed the San Francisco Bay Area into a haven for bees and honey lovers alike. Together, they weave their knowledge of bees with an infectious humor, embodying a partnership that is as harmonious as it is productive. Their dedication to beekeeping and sustainable practices is matched only by their commitment to the community, fostering connections and nurturing the local environment. Their journey is not merely about crafting the finest honey but about preserving the essence of collaboration, education, and environmental stewardship. For Mike and Niki, the hive is a symbol of collective effort and shared success—a testament to the belief that together, we thrive. Join them in their mission to sweeten the world, one bee at a time.

Upcoming Engagements

American Bee Federation 2024, New Orleans Convention. Jan 11, 2024, Speaker, What to know for a Beekeeping Business.