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Local Places, with Local Support is what it is all about.

We at MNHCO are proud to be a Platinum Partner of the Campbell Chamber.

The Campbell Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization and is a Champion, Convener, and Catalyst of local businesses.

From our humble beginnings as the Board of Trade in 1898, to our official transformation into the Campbell Chamber of Commerce in 1925, the Campbell Chamber has long been an integral part of helping Campbell to grow and thrive, all while helping the city to maintain its “small-town” feel as a major suburb in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The Campbell Chamber is the CHAMPION and voice for local businesses. The Chamber represents our members at numerous events and as a part of various organizations. We take every opportunity to advocate for business and celebrate what makes Campbell such a great place to live, work, and play, including the happenings and successes of our members.

The Campbell Chamber is a connector and a CONVENER. Business owners cannot make it on their own. They rely on a network to be successful. The Chamber provides many different platforms for our members to connect with business services and professionals. Additionally, the Chamber hosts events that give employers and employees the chance to connect and support each other, including mixers, luncheons, and annual community events.

The Campbell Chamber is a CATALYST for change and growth. The Chamber firmly believes that entrepreneurship allows people to stay in Campbell doing what they love, creating more jobs, and supporting our local economy. Being active in the local Chamber of Commerce is an effective business strategy. It communicates to consumers that a company uses good business practices, is reputable, cares about its consumers, and is involved in its community.

Campbell Chamber

Distinctive and Bold

Campbell has always been a community that has stood up and offered a helping hand. Now is one of those times when we need to show each other just how much Campbell cares. The pandemic that has swept our nation has hit home here in our community.Our neighbors, family members, seniors, and other at-risk individuals, employees, restaurants, businesses, and organizations are hurting. That's why the Campbell Chamber and Campbell Chamber Community Foundation have launched CAMPBELL CARES, a program focused onidentifying those who need help and finding solutions to meet those needs. The mission of Campbell Cares is twofold.1. To help individuals and businesses in need by offering resources and solutions.2. To serve as a centralized place for those who can assist with goods, services, time, or financially The community of Campbell does care. We are in this together and together, we can make a difference.

Campbell Cares

Project Apis m.'s mission is to fund and direct research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies while improving crop production. Our name comes from Apis mellifera, the scientific name for the honey bee.

Project Apis m. or PAm is the go-to organization at the interface of honey bees and pollinated crops.

We’ve infused over $8.5 Million into bee research and $2.9 Million in forage programs since our inception in 2006 to provide growers with healthier bees resulting in better pollination and increased crop yields. We have personal relationships with the nation’s commercial beekeepers and with the top bee scientists in the country.

We fund research studies, purchase equipment for bee research labs at universities, support graduate students, and provide scholarships to develop bee scientists and encourage their pursuit of science-based solutions to the honey bee challenges we face today, and also for the future.

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (5) organization governed by a ten-member board. Our board members are beekeepers representing the major national beekeeping organizations from various perspectives. Five scientific advisors review research proposals and provide recommendations to the board.

Project Apis m