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Welcome to the beekeeper's secret snack stash—our Beekeeper's Honey is the jar we reach for when we crave the pure, unadulterated goodness of nature's sweetest work. It's the nectar we noshe on, the blend we brag about, and now, it's available for you to relish too!

As we lovingly bottle our honey, the tank's bottom becomes a canvas of gold, speckled with pollen and brimming with layers of honey that have floated to the top. It's a visual feast, with 2 or 3 distinct types of honey striping through each mason jar (about 45 ounces), creating a delightful medley of flavors.

This isn't just honey—it's a jar of beekeeper's pride. With 2 or 3 honey types dancing together, your palate will embark on a taste adventure with every dip, drizzle, and dollop.

Bee Fact: This honey is a patchwork of the diverse flora our bees visit, making each jar a unique snapshot of our local ecosystem's floral bounty.

Suggested Use: Drizzle it over pancakes for a breakfast upgrade, blend it into your smoothies for a natural sweetener, or let it be the star of your cheese platters.

100% Raw Unfiltered Honey
Harvested sustainably and meticulously handcrafted, ensuring the best quality.


What is Raw Unfiltered Honey?

Our raw unfiltered honey is as close to nature's original sweetener as you can get. It's unprocessed, meaning we keep all the naturally occurring pollen, which not only adds to the rich, complex flavors but also offers immune-boosting benefits that may alleviate allergies. Its natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties support digestion, combat aging, and strengthen your body's defenses against infections.

Unlike commercial honey, our raw honey isn't heated (pasteurized), ensuring that the vital enzymes and nutrients remain intact. These enzymes are crucial for the honey's health-promoting qualities. Regular pasteurized honey found in stores may have a longer shelf life, but this process can destroy many of the beneficial elements.

Studies have suggested that raw honey consumption is linked to a lower risk of heart disease, strokes, and some types of cancer. By choosing our local, unpasteurized honey, you're choosing a purer, more beneficial product that supports your well-being without any compromises.

Why should I choose raw honey over regular honey?

Raw honey is honey as it exists in the beehive, unprocessed and unheated, which helps preserve all its natural vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants. These nutrients can offer health benefits such as aiding digestion, boosting immunity, and providing anti-inflammatory effects. Raw honey also contains pollen, which is believed to help with seasonal allergies. Plus, its complex flavor is a gourmet delight compared to the more uniform taste of processed honey.

Why has my honey turned solid?

Honey crystallizes because it's a natural and pure product. The process is due to the natural sugars in honey, primarily glucose, forming crystals. It's influenced by the type of nectar collected, temperature, and storage conditions. Crystallization doesn't mean your honey is spoiled—in fact, it's a sign of high quality. You can easily return it to liquid form with gentle warming.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gloria F.
Great Honey

I loved the subtle hint of eucalyptus and it really helped to soothe my stomach. Bravo!!!

It's delicious.

I love the honey and am so thankful for discovering this local business.


You really are into our local honey. Isn’t it amazing when you develop a honey pallet?

Starthistle is one of those children I loved when it came in our first ever harvest.

Though I love all my children/honey. Starthistle still holds a special place.

Most consider this a weed, even though it comes in Yellow, Purple or White flowers.

No one ever frolicked in a field of prickly Starthistle, but bees and beekeepers alike love the honey it makes. Especially me.

Thanks for being a fan, I appreciate it. Each jar purchased, helps us save the bees and our local environment.

Bee all that you can bee!

Rooney P.

This shit is the bomb!