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Indulge in the Silky Smoothness of Our Original Creamed Honey 🍯🌼

From the heart of nature's bounty, our Original Creamed Honey is a velvety delight crafted from 100% pure Wildflower honey. Our bees have been busy gathering the sweetest nectar to create a honey that's whipped to perfection, forming tiny, uniform crystals that melt in your mouth.

A Spread Like No Other: This creamed honey is the bee's knees when it comes to spreads. Its thick, smooth texture means no drips or mess – just pure, creamy goodness on your favorite sandwiches, toast, or bagels. It's the perfect companion for your morning breakfast or a sweet snack.

Versatile and Delicious: Not just for spreading, our creamed honey is a versatile gem in the kitchen. Spread it over pancakes or waffles, stir it into your tea or coffee for a natural sweetener, or use it to sweeten your yogurt or oatmeal. It's also a fantastic ingredient in baking, adding a smooth, rich flavor to your cakes and cookies.

BBQ's Best Friend: Looking for a twist in your BBQ? Check out our Creamed Honey BBQ Glazed Chicken recipe – a testament to how our creamed honey can transform your dishes with its unique, smooth sweetness.

Bee-autifully Natural: Every jar of our Original Creamed Honey is a tribute to the hard work of our bees and the purity of nature. It's more than just honey; it's a jar of care, quality, and a touch of bee magic.

So, whether you're a honey aficionado or just looking to sweeten your day, our Original Creamed Honey is sure to spread joy and flavor in every scoop!


100% Raw Unfiltered Honey


What is Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is a smooth and spreadable version of regular honey. It’s made by controlling how the honey crystallizes, giving it a creamy texture. It’s lighter in color and perfect for spreading on toast or stirring into drinks.

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